The league was formed by PGA Professional Oli Tucker to originally allow beginners and juniors to experience competitive golf in a relaxed environment.


“I noticed that early in my coaching career juniors and beginners (particularly ladies), we’re nervous about getting on the course for a number of reasons. These included; fear of ability and slow play, lack of rules and etiquette knowledge and not having other players of their ability to play with.”


Although access to golf courses has become easier and more affordable in recent years, UK Golf League provides a structured format of competitive golf for players without a handicap.


The 9 hole format was introduced to keep the length of the round manageable for everyone. This format proved popular with more experienced players as well and the league was split into two divisions to allow more experienced players to compete with others of a similar ability.


“Since starting these event we soon had an influx of lower handicappers who enjoyed the short, time-saving, format. League 1 champion 2013 Luke Martin was playing off 2 at the time.”

Scoring is kept very simple and as very few players are club members, the use of handicaps could be ambiguous.


So, don’t worry about being new to the game, you wont be alone, and as well as enjoying the event you’ll learn a lot more if you get out and play.


For those of you who think you might be too good for league 1, don’t worry either, its not a pitch and putt (we don’t use par 3 courses) and nobody has shot under par for 9 holes yet. Plus, with a league 1 final over 18 holes on some of the best courses in the county, as well as great prizes from our sponsors, its worth getting involved.


This really is golf for everyone.


Still not sure this is for you? Check out what our players think in our testimonial page.