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Beth is Back!

Get Golfing Girls!

  So who stayed up to watch the Women’s World Cup semi final? Absolutely gutted for the team and Laura Bassett! Now, if you don’t know who she is or what happened, this is exactly my point. I thought the coverage was poor and not even close to enough hype! Games shown at midnight and […]

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Lets Play

Search for the Perfect Shot Summer is here and hopefully you’re all out playing a lot more golf. You’ve worked hard in the winter and now it’s time to start enjoying the game on the course. When you do venture out, remember, you’re playing, practice is over, this is about getting the ball in the […]

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Post Shot Routine

So most of us will have some sort of pre shot routine whether it’s a conscious thought or not. You may have even practiced this on the range and if you haven’t, why not? It’s an important part of the game. For beginners it may be something simple like a basic set up or alignment […]

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Learn Like a Kid

Coaches are really teachers of learning, or should be. Understanding how players learn is essential to developing the athletes they work with. In my 20 years of coaching I’ve always studied the art of learning, however, my passion for skill acquisition really peaked three and a half years ago just after our daughter was born. […]

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