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How to Actually Speed Up Play

So we’ve got Golf Express 9, Sprint 6, Fast Family 4. What’s next? Run 1?! Why are we making players rush around a course in order to speed up play and make the game more exciting? If we want to speed up play, players need to take less shots. To take less shots, players need […]

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Beth is Back!

Get Golfing Girls!

  So who stayed up to watch the Women’s World Cup semi final? Absolutely gutted for the team and Laura Bassett! Now, if you don’t know who she is or what happened, this is exactly my point. I thought the coverage was poor and not even close to enough hype! Games shown at midnight and […]

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The Open on Sky could benefit Golf

So the BBC have lost The Open to Sky. So? Why is everyone so distraught about it? If you’re into your sport, and particularly golf, you’ve got Sky Sports already and you’re not going to miss out. What golf did the BBC ever show other than The Open? A couple of the days of The […]

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Making Golf More Fun

A few ramblings of mine to speed up the game and make it more fun.   Much much shorter holes – Various tee positions are in effect such as the ladies red tees and blue junior tees (some of which are a sensible distance down the fairway as in our UK Golf League). Why are these […]

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