It was all about the juniors in the Christmas Special with the top 3 pairs containing 5 juniors! The course set up may have suited the juniors who would be more comfortable playing the elaborate needed on each hole. This included, snooker cue and tennis ball putting, baseball style tee shot and some tricky pin positions (including in a bunker)!

Kenny and son Chris came in 3rd place just two shots off the pace, 3 putts on the 3rd with a tennis ball may not have helped their cause. Minkyu and Louis had a great day finishing second just one shot behind the pre tournament favourites. Their round included a par on the 8th (with the pin position in the bunker) and Minkyu picked up the nearest the pin prize.

Winners (by a closer margin than first expected) were Hyun and Ben (both previous Junior League 1 winners) who despite only one par didn’t get in too much trouble. They may need a bit more pool practice as 3 putts from 2 foot with the snooker cue made it a tight finish.

Other highlights included: Jey and Kun 4 putting from 6 foot with a golf ball but only 3 putting from 30 foot with a tennis ball. Andrew Dale’s over the head putter scoop to 4 foot and Young’s wedge off a green (don’t tell the green keeper!) to 5 foot. Was also good to see the ladies and girls representing 35% of the field!

If we don’t see you before, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks all for getting involved this year!