Improved weather for our second visit brought improved scores in what was a very close contest in both leagues (adult and junior).

Rob Holland took maximum points to move up in the table just 1 shot ahead of Luc Boucher who’s +2 was a huge improvement from Reigate Heath!

Martin Hempston went 1 better in the junior league and his level par was good enough for a win where only 3 shots separated all the juniors!

Abbey Moor Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Rob Holland6+17
Luc Boucher4+25
Estelle Welland4+34
Craig Gray6+36
Andrew Dale7+47
Kenny Man7+57
Linda Gyngell4+64
Sid Gray4+64

Abbey Moor Junior Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Martin Hempston506
Freddy Gannon 7+17
Thierry Boucher5+25
Mason Gray4+34