What a close finish in both the adult and junior leagues!

Congratulations to our winners Craig Gray and Monty Holcombe!

Thanks all for taking part this year and look forward to seeing you in our winter events!

Click below to see the results on the day and for the final standings click here

NameLevelScoreNew Level
Rob Holland7+28
Sid Gray4+35
Kenny Man7+47
Craig Gray6+46
Maurizio Corda4+44
Estelle Welland4+44
Martin Wallace6+56
Luc Boucher4+54
David Arrow6+66
Simon Holcombe6+66
Joe Doyle4+74
Linda Gyngel4+74
Karen McEwan3+73
Andrew Dale6+95
Simon Wilkinson5+94
PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Kunmo Yang4-15
Monty Holcombe809
Christos Pillay506
Hyunmo Yang9+29
Martin Hempston6+26
James Page4+24
Mason Gray4+24
Locki Main5+35
Sam Wallace5+35
Chris Man7+57
Thierry Boucher6+56
Louis Wilkinson8+77