Lee joins the list of Gray’s that have won an event following Craig and Sid and getting his maiden win! It was a big jump up the table for him but it was his brother Craig who in the absence of Kenny Man goes to the top of the league!

There was another maiden win in the junior event, Toby Chahrvin (the youngest player in the league) was under par on the day! Luke Jones finished second and with Martin Hempston only adding a couple of points to his score the gap at the top is closing!

Moore Place Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Lee Gray5+16
Andrew Dale5+16
Craig Gray7+27
Sid Gray4+24
Estelle Welland3+23
Pat Camp3+33
David Arrow6+46
Simon Wilkinson5+45
Gavin Young6+55
Linda Gyngell4+54
Karen McEwan3+53
Joe Doyle4+54
Brian Flack5+64
Laurence Head5+64
Rob Holland7+76

Moore Place Junior Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Toby Chahrvin3-14
Luke Jones5+16
Mason Gray4+24
Samuel Jones3+33
Ollie Hinkly7+57
Stephen Lee4+54
Martin Hempston6+85
Jaya Wilkinson5+84