Toughest conditions of the year at the stunning Reigate Heath! The views are spectacular but that windmill was built there for a reason!

Strong winds made scoring tough, although not for the juniors, who didn’t have a higher score than +5. There was no Martin Hampton and Chris Man took advantage to close the gap with a superb 2 of par. It was Monty Holcombe though with the win with +1, and after only his 3rd event, is now up to 3rd place!

It didn’t go to plan for Craig and Kenny who are 1st and 2nd respectively in the league. Andrew Dale closed the gap with a +4, Estelle Welland is the biggest mover with a +3 but Martin Wallace on debut took maximum points on the day!

Reigate Heath Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Martin Wallace5+36
Estelle Welland3+34
Andrew Dale6+47
James Balfe5+65
Sid Gray4+74
Maurizo Corda4+93
Luc Boucher5+104
Craig Gray7+116
Kenny Man8+147
PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Monty Holcombe7+18
Chris Man6+27
Stephen Lee3+33
Freddy Gannon6+36
Thierry Boucher5+45
Sam Wallace5+55