A double win for Brian Flack with an impressive +2 and nearest the pin to win a trip to The BMW Champs at Wentworth.

Sid Gray also managed a +2 and moves up to 5 holes for the first time in his career!

It was Martin Hampstone that took advantage of the small junior field (due to county training) with +3 to win, a score which would have been competitive regardless who was there.

Thanks again for getting involved and see you in Round 4

Click below for the full results

Sunbury Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Brian Flack5+26
Sid Gray4+25
Andrew Dale6+36
David Arrow6+36
Craig Gray8+38
Rob Holland7+47
Gavin Young5+45
Simon Holcombe5+45
Laurence Head5+65
Lee Gray4+64
Kenny Man8+77

Sunbury Junior Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Martin Hempston5+35
Chris Man6+46
Stephen Lee4+54

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