Kenny Man leaps up the leaderboard while keeping his last, first, last, first run going. Craig Gray still leads the way just with a 3rd place finish on +3 and if it wasn’t for his brother (Lee) shooting a plus 2, his lead would have been bigger.

Martin Hempston’s fine form continued with a solid +2 just one shot a head of Chris Man, Stephen Lee and new boy Toby Chahrvin (aged 4!) all at +3

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Strawberry Hill Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Kenny Man7+28
Lee Gray4+25
Brian Flack5+35
Estelle Welland3+33
Sid Gray4+34
Craig Gray7+37
Gavin Young6+56
Laurence Head5+55
Andrew Dale6+75
Karen McEwan3+74

Strawberry Hill Junior Results

PlayerLevelScoreNew Level
Martin Hempston6+26
Chris Man6+36
Stephen Lee4+34
Toby Chahrvin3+33
Mason Gray5+64