So who stayed up to watch the Women’s World Cup semi final? Absolutely gutted for the team and Laura Bassett! Now, if you don’t know who she is or what happened, this is exactly my point. I thought the coverage was poor and not even close to enough hype!

Games shown at midnight and I couldn’t find the highlights other than on iplayer. Say what you want about Sky TV but if they did have the rights, the Women’s World Cup would have had its own 24 hour channel (just a shame there wasn’t enough money in it for them).

It’s the start of Wimbledon (around the same time as our daughters birthday, this will be relevant soon), so maybe the media wanted to focus on the British women in this event. All 4 of them. 3 of which were knocked out in the 1st round. I don’t want to have a dig a British tennis because this is a golf newsletter (or at least it will be soon) and this article does it much better.

I’ll be honest, 4 years ago (before I was a responsible father) I wouldn’t have written this blog, but I hope most mums and dads agree that they would rather their daughter be inspired by role models from the sporting world, than the other so called celebrities that are famous for doing nothing. Just making that point as Made in Chelsea is now on.

So, what can golf do about promoting the women’s game? Well, there is a big opportunity this month as 10 Brits have qualified for the Women’s US Open next week! No doubt there will be a few more ‘Women’s Golf Week’s’ and ‘Golf for Girls Month,’ but why is women golf not just constantly promoted? (That’s what I’m doing now, scroll down to find times of our ladies roll up sessions!)

Maybe that initial question should be, what can England Golf do about promoting the game? For my South Korean players and friends reading this, you won’t worry about the game being promoted, as with 8 players in the worlds top 20, women’s golf in South Korea is doing quite well!

There is an even bigger opportunity in September with the Solheim Cup! After an amazing and dramatic win in 2013, can the Europeans win again in Germany?! I just hope we celebrate and cover the event more than the world cup.

If you can’t wait till then (and you’re not playing in the UK Golf League event tomorrow), the Ladies European Masters is happening right now at Buckinghamshire GC. Well worth a visit!

This Girl Can

I don’t get to watch much golf, but for the big events I try and see a few shots in between Peppa Pig and Songs from Frozen on DVD. I did however record the football for our daughter (sorry Laura Bassett, she thought scoring in the wrong goal was hilarious!) and without bribing her with chocolate or the chance to stay up later, I’ll encourage her to see the tennis and golf this week and show her how cool it is to whack things with clubs and racquets!

So if governing bodies and the media are not making the most of some amazing performances from the ladies, there are opportunities out there for the parents to get their girls (and boys) involved in golf and other new sports.

I may even bring our daughter to one of the junior roll up lessons or holiday camps (Zach / Matt, get a good nights sleep for that!) and for the mum’s, nan’s and other ladies out there, if you’re inspired by any of the golf coming up, come and try one of our ladies mornings for free (every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am).

Oh yeah, and The Open starts in 2 weeks!

And did you really expect that to be a link to Made in Chelsea?!