Search for the Perfect Shot

Summer is here and hopefully you’re all out playing a lot more golf. You’ve worked hard in the winter and now it’s time to start enjoying the game on the course.

When you do venture out, remember, you’re playing, practice is over, this is about getting the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots!

You may have seen The World No.1 struggle in recent weeks, “there’s hope for us all” as I’ve heard a couple of our players say after Rory’s +9

Everyone gets it wrong from time to time and nobody will ever master this game. What you can do, regardless of how well you’re playing on the day, is get yourself around the course. See how you’re game is going in the warm up and the first few holes then play with what you have, its too late to change it. So, if you’re slice is back, play with it. If you’re not striking the ball as well as you did on the range, take more club to help you reach the green. Plenty of time to work on your game in your next lesson or practice. What it looks like on the course doesn’t matter, scorecards show numbers not pictures, otherwise it might look something like this!


As you can see, there’s more than one way of getting around the course, and these are the tee shots of the top 100 players in the world and they’re all over the place!

So practice is over and when you’re on the course it’s all about playing, whatever it looks like!