A few ramblings of mine to speed up the game and make it more fun.


Much much shorter holes – Various tee positions are in effect such as the ladies red tees and blue junior tees (some of which are a sensible distance down the fairway as in our UK Golf League). Why are these tee positions only limited to juniors? If you’re a beginner, or anyone that can’t break 90 from the traditional yellow tees, what are you doing back there?! Let alone 28+ handicappers then going back to the white tee boxes in competitions. Why are we surprised rounds can be 5 hours plus?

Bigger holes – Widely talked about and even implemented at some venues. All courses should have an optional bigger hole on the green for those newer to the game. Would also make it more exciting for beginners who would have a chance of chipping the odd shot in or the occasional hole-in-one.

Shot Limits – Whatever format you’re playing, if it’s not a professional event, please please please pick up after 8 shots.

Time Limits – Last time I went ten pin bowling, the lane we were in closed and light went out when our two hours were up. We didn’t carry on playing making the next group wait due to us being rather crap at the sport, we left. If you’ve not got to the 19th in 3.5 hours, you’d be escorted off on my course (or at least to the bar via the proshop which would have various lesson packages displayed).

Always Tee It Up – For beginners especially, keep the winter tees in your pocket, regardless where your ball lies tee it up and give yourself a chance. Cant be fun hacking around in the rough. Use a tee, then get some lessons!