Golf is too slow and takes too long so it is therefore boring (for most people).

However, if you’re a scratch golfer who can drive the ball 280 yards and you’re faced with a 450 yard par 4. OK, not a problem, couple of decent shots to the green and should be a solid par.

What if you’re a 20 – 24 handicapper who only drives the ball 200 yards (yes, thats how far you hit it on average on a good day). If you do hit a good drive you’ve still got 250 yards into the green. What if we let you play from the yellow tees? So maybe a 10 yard head start? Still 240 yards into the green! Maybe, we should let you start from the red tees (we’ll call them red not ladies if that helps). So you might, if you’re lucky start 50 yards nearer the hole than the white tees. So to get to the green you’ll need to hit a driver, then tee the ball up again and hit another driver! My point is, this is still too far for most golfers, so what are you doing back there!? If you can’t break 90 off the yellow tees, start nearer the hole!

What about the juniors out there or anyone that can only drive the ball 150 yards? Blue tees, if you’re lucky enough to have them on the course. And where are these placed? Usually 5 yards in front of the red tees.

I work with a number of juniors who, because of their handicap, are forced to play from white tees at their clubs! What????!!!! Some of these guys are 7 years old! A round of golf is taking them 5 hours (as they have to play 18) and generally the last few holes their performance is poor as they are knackered!

Junior footballers aren’t playing 90 minutes on a full size pitch. There’s not another sport that has juniors playing the same distances as the adults. Why is this still the case with a lot of golf clubs?

To put this in perspective, click here for what it would be like for an adult playing the equivalent shots.

Length of course is not the only reason that golf is on the decline in the UK, but it is a contributing factor!

Here’s the US Kids tee box positions, but this shouldn’t be considered just for juniors, it should be considered for anyone with the equivalent driving distance.

family tee boxes

US Kids policy of ‘Greens in Regulation for Everyone’ is the way it should be. However, there might be a number of you that are too proud to tee off from in front of the red tees, but hay, if you’re happy shooting 105 and playing for 5 hours thats up to you. When I do get my way (and my own course) and I limit players to 3 hour 30 minute rounds, you’ll be getting escorted off after 12 holes along with Jason Day!

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