So most of us will have some sort of pre shot routine whether it’s a conscious thought or not. You may have even practiced this on the range and if you haven’t, why not? It’s an important part of the game. For beginners it may be something simple like a basic set up or alignment check, those more advanced may take into account the surroundings a little more and have a pre swing thought or practice related to what they’ve been working on.

However, do you have a post shot routine? (You know what’s coming…..)

I wouldn’t suggest the above as a successful strategy after a poor shot and I’m sure it’s not something Rory will have a go at again. A more productive routine would be something along the lines of Tigers 10 step rule (giving himself 10 steps to ‘forget’ about the bad shot he may have hit) among others.

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back after a good shot though! However, you will hit some bad shots out there and as hard as you try, you’ll have some negative thoughts. You may even shout out something like “Oh bother, that wasn’t very good at all!” It’s tough to stop these thoughts, so maybe don’t try, instead, try to replace them with something more positive. I’m not a psychologist (as you can tell) but this could be something simple like motivational (“come on, I cant do that next time”) or cognitive (“full shoulder turn next time”) self-talk.

As long as your focus is on the current shot and the task in hand, use any post shot strategy that works for you and practice it like you would your swing.