A totally unique format for golf making the game, faster, more exciting and more inclusive!

How it Works

No handicaps are required to enter our events yet players of all levels can compete against each other.

All our events are over 9 holes but depending on your level of ability, only a certain number of holes will count towards your final score. For example, a more experienced player would count his or her best 7 scores:


So rather than scoring 3 over par, Dennis’ best 7 holes are only +1. For players with less experience, less holes are required:


Neil, who is a beginner with some experience would only count his best 4 holes on the day. Over 9 holes Neil would have shot 21 over par, but with only his best 4 holes counting he finishes +4.

Depending on your level you will count your score over 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or all 9 holes. If you are new to the league and not sure where you should start, please visit us for a free assessment.

After each round the number of holes counting towards your final score will be adjusted. If you finish with a score in the ‘buffer zone’ (+2 to +4 or +4 to +6 depending on the course difficulty) there is no adjustment. For scores better than this an extra hole is added and for scores over this, the number of holes are reduced. In the above example, Dennis in the next round would count his best 8 holes and Neil only his best 3.

The junior format is the same other than we have 3 different tee box positions depending on the maturation age of the junior. Making the course a realistic length is important for development and enjoyment!


How to Score Points

Points are awarded to the top 10 players and bonus points are award for the number of holes included.

1st – 20 points plus number of holes

2nd – 15 points plus number of holes

3rd – 10 points plus number of holes

4th – 8 points plus number of holes

5th –  6 points plus number of holes

6th – 5 points plus number of holes

7th – 4 points plus number of holes

8th – 3 points plus number of holes

9th – 2 points plus number of holes

10th and all other places – 1 point plus number of holes

For example, a player that is counting 7 holes towards their final score who finishes 4th will score 15 points. A played counting 4 holes and finishing 3rd will score 14 points.

In the event where players shot the same score, the ‘higher level’ player will finish above. If players are of the same level (counting the same number of holes) the next best hole is used until all 9 are counted. If scores are still level, the points are shared.

The scoring system favours the players completing more holes to encourage everyone to improve.

If you’re still not sure how it works, the best thing to do is visit us for you’re free assessment to ask any further questions you have.