So the BBC have lost The Open to Sky. So? Why is everyone so distraught about it? If you’re into your sport, and particularly golf, you’ve got Sky Sports already and you’re not going to miss out. What golf did the BBC ever show other than The Open? A couple of the days of The Masters and The Ryder Cup.

As long as Peter Allis is still commentating and Iain Carter still gets to blog about it, nothing will change. In fact, in my opinion, Sky getting The Open is a good thing.

If the argument is that the BBC losing The Open means that golf isn’t exposed to the masses, is that really true? Everyone has Sky these days.

Even if I’m wrong and the majority don’t have a Sky Sports subscription, golf on the BBC isn’t bringing more people to the game. Lets be honest, a non-golfer isn’t going to watch people walk about in the wind and rain, watch a white ball in the grey sky land on a patch of grass all the while not understanding what is going on and then think, “That’s the game for me!” Even if Rory wins the event, is that going to be enough to attract more players to the game? He’s already world number 1, multiple major winner, Ryder Cup winner, has his face on a load of adverts and is doing his best to get his name in the papers for social reasons. Is a win at The Open really going to get the masses playing again?

People don’t play golf because it’s too slow and too difficult (slow + difficult = boring).

So, I think BBC losing The Open is great news! It will give the governing bodies of the sport and clubs a kick up the ass to do something about the game to get more people involved. Lets make the game quicker, easier and more interesting. Then, when these new players are attracted to this more exciting version of the game, they can progress to a more traditional format (if they want).

I’m not talking about footgolf, that’s a different ‘sport’ altogether, but there are other changes that clubs can make to attract players to the game.

Click here for just a few ideas that will get more players on the course.