Welcome to the Winter league page. Below are the provisional league groups for next year. For the juniors, if you find you have not progressed this may be due to the new tee box positions we will be using at venues. In fact, you’ll find that we are making a lot of changes as of next summer.

Premier League – Scott Tucker, Rob Holland, Mark Rogerson, Roger Tirado, Kevin Predagast, Andres Sanchez, Paul Silva, Alex Young, Odhran McGowan, Matt Allen, Iain Carter, Jim Franklin, Les Allen, Mike Hill, Gerard O’Byrne, Sarah Parish, Jack White

League 1 – Angela Allen, Sonny Ayres, Dave Hill, Keith White, Melissa White, Mark Nevins, Andrew Dale, Christina Jenkins, Justina Letai, Douglas Strachan, Frankie Bellamy, Cris Ley, Drummond Richardson, Elliot Fenton, Ryan Coles, Cormac O’Brien, Tony Backhurst, Graham Massey, Jackie Bonnett, Jehanne Martin.

Junior Premier – Callum O’Shea, Sam Gregory, Ben Partridge, Hyun Mo Rang, Ashley Stock, Laura Upsdell, Jemma Adams, Lewis Rogerson, George David, Sam Morgan, Jon Rogers, George Whalley, Luke Massey, George Backhurst, Mikey Jenkins, Harry Wort, Oliver Hinkly

Junior 1 – Connor O’Byrne, Thomas Cray, Oliver Still, Daniel Rowe, Nathan Bharkhda, James Allen, Stephen Barnes, Oliver Carter, William Henderson, Ethan Akpan, Andrea Tirado, Tina Szanizslo, Martin Vizir, Aaron Motley, Olivia Nevins, Victoria Nevins

Additional leagues may be added and changes may be made prior to the winter season but if you have any questions please contact oli@ukgolfleague.com.