What a day for the first of our winter events! A sunny and mild day in mid November made for some exciting golf in this aggressive format! Low scoring and very tight as you can imagining where only bogeys and better counted, Young Suk and Andrew Dale who both shot a 38 couldn’t even be separated after a on count-back so it was double prizes (Thanks UKKO!). Craig Gray also shot a 38 but being in League 2 he had 2 shot win over Jey K. Impressive work from Craig after just a few MJGA roll up lessons, looking like promotion in the summer!

As for the Juniors, Hyun Mo Yang (summer winner) started the winter in the same fashion with a solid 3 shot victory. There was also an impressive performance from Charles David Beeson in Junior League 2, who despite an impressive headed bunker shot (click here to watch) finished 2 in front of the field.